Friday, January 8, 2010

Wellington's Cafe L'Affare Turns 20 in 2010

One of the institutions that led Wellington NZ into being the coffee snob capital of the country is Cafe L'Affare. We were there this week on our last day of our annual kiwi Christmas holiday, sitting at a table that has been part of the place since early days - including a massive amount of graffiti - and we noticed this wonderful bit of coffee art carved simply into the surface.

It is hard to believe they are turning 20 this year - but among our friends we can put together an oral history of their various phases (even back to the original days with Askew's design store taking up half the space), the people and events that have made it world-class for food and coffee.

In my R+R days we spent many an hour noodling ideas at the tall table in the window, or out the back by the coffee machine retail area. I hope I'm ordering a petit pain, Caesar with chicken and extra anchovies, with a latte to follow, in 20 years from now.


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